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Gateway Geyser Notice

Due to the ongoing drought and corresponding low water levels in the pond, daily eruptions of the Gateway Geyser have been suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Gateway Geyser

The tallest water fountain in the United States and third tallest in the world, capable of rising to 630 feet, the Gateway Geyser began operating on May 27, 1995, helping to fulfill Malcolm W. Martin's vision of creating a landmark along the Illinois riverfront that would complement the Gateway Arch. The Gateway Geyser was established with the help of the Gateway Center of Metropolitan St. Louis, a non-profit group founded by Malcolm, whose members raised $4 million in private donations to construct the geyser.

Geyser Schedule

Daily at noon (for 10 minutes), Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Eruptions are dependent on wind, weather, and drought conditions.
The Gateway Geyser hibernates September through May.

By the Numbers

Geyser Specifications

Powered by three 800-horsepower pumps, the Gateway Geyser can blast 7,500 gallons of water per minute straight up at a rate of 250 feet per second.

When the wind is less than 4 mph, the Gateway Geyser can reach a maximum height of 630 feet into the sky, matching the height of the Gateway Arch. 

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