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for the Illinois Expansion of
the Gateway Arch National Park

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Here is why you should support the Illinois expansion.

Expanding the Gateway Arch National Park into Illinois would not only honor Eero Saarinen's legacy and his original masterplan, which included Illinois, but it would also recognize Illinois’ significant role in America's westward expansion. In May 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark departed from Camp Dubois, located near present-day Hartford, Illinois. This pivotal starting point is where Lewis and Clark gathered supplies, recruited crew members, prepared for the expedition, and ultimately embarked on the historic journey, thus solidifying the importance of Illinois being included in the national park memorializing westward expansion.

Moreover, the Illinois expansion of the Gateway Arch National Park, based on the newly proposed boundary, would consist of land currently held as Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park and potentially extend southward towards the Poplar Street Bridge, only if and as the land becomes available. 

The expansion would bring with it numerous benefits for the local community and beyond. It would bolster tourism and economic development, while also promoting environmental conservation and education. Furthermore, it would create opportunities for outdoor recreation, cultural exchange, and meaningful community engagement.

The expansion will certainly have a positive and enduring impact on East St. Louis and the entire Metro-East area. For these reasons, you are encouraged to show your full support to this endeavor and stand ready to contribute towards its success. Together, we can ensure that the Illinois expansion of the Gateway Arch National Park becomes a beacon of inspiration, unity, and pride for all. Join us and show your support today.

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